Information | Insulated windows for home and business

Many homes and businesses have windows that do not insulate enough either due to lack of thermal insulation, poor execution of the work or simply due to the passage of time.


This problem is more noticeable at this time of the year in which the lack of insulated windows means that we have to decide between an energy and economical waste due to an excess of use of air conditioning or opting for the lack of comfort that involves being hot this summer by trying to be thrifty.


Companies have to take into account studies that show that environments with more than 34ºC are less productive, since the brain begins to allocate more resources to regulate body-temperature, therefore, concentration, memory and attention are affected. 


The smartest option is to stop this problem by changing the windows for insulated ones like the ones we have to offer. Enter  to work out the budget for changing your windows.