Information | Proper cleaning can extend the life of your windows

PVC windows stand out when compared to other materials, in addition to their insulating factor, because of the low maintenance they require. You just need to keep them clean and cared for in order to enjoy the comfort, well-being and savings they provide for years to come.

When it comes to cleaning them, you have surely thought about what product to use. Very easy! You should avoid corrosive products such as bleach, ammonia or hydrochloric acid (¨Salfumán¨ is its brand name in Spain).

To avoid damaging the profiles or the windows, you should avoid using rough brushes, scourers or rough utensils.

To make your windows sparkle like the first day, just use a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. If you also want to keep your iron fittings working optimally, you should oil them once a year.

In the case of sliding windows, remember to thoroughly clean the rails on which the sash runs as dirt tends to accumulate there, to ensure they are in proper working order.