Information | María José Silvestre does it again!

Our champion has achieved second place in the 24 hours of the Virtual WTTC (World Time Trial Championships) with a mark of 653km, being the first Spanish woman to do so.

To avoid the cancellation of the WTTC, an online solution was proposed and the circuit was virtually replicated so that participants could see at all times their placement in the race as well as that of their rivals. So, 16th January at 6:00p.m, a Saturday, the great challenge began in roller mode at the Avenida de Bocairent Theater. This test run was a replica of the 29 km circular loop in California. After suffering two crises, one at four o´clock in the morning and another around two o´clock in the afternoon 17th Sunday , María José Silvestre recovered and was able to exceed the 500km goal that she had set for herself, also beating her 24h LeMans mark, demonstrating once again her strength and tenacity.

In addition, hers is a double victory, because of her campaign "Kilometers x Euros" in which different companies have collaborated, among them Replus; each kilometer achieved was traded for 2 euros and this money was donated to the local AFAB association that works with family and friends of Alzheimer's patients.

It is with great pride that we continue to back this great cyclist and better person, who we are sure will give us much more joy.

Congratulations champion!